Kožený Pás Děrování Kleště Očka Děrovací Točí Šicí Stroj Taška Setr Nástroj Popruh Watchband Domácnosti brašnářské

Štítky: ebony popruh, ruční nástroj, nolvo popruhu batohu, recurve kůže, díra puncher punč, delik brašnářské, příslušenství šít, in umělé rostliny, děrování, haibara.

99.79 Kč
  • Skladem
  • w19399

  • Sada Typ: No
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Materiál: Kovové
  • Číslo Modelu: j342
  • Typ Velkoobchod: No

Unfortunately, only belts are broken. Neither fabric, nor paper does not break through. I wanted for fabric
K Somchai 4
The order was made on 28.11.20, before Hmao there was a parcel of 1,5 months! Corresponds to the description, tried to make a hole in the belt, it turned out, but not the first time! I recommend the seller! Track wasn't being tracked all the way.
Ballroom Dancwhe
The goods have been sent relatively fast, but here is our Russian Post pumped, because of this it was necessary to wait a very long time! But finally I received it and davolna goods. The millet is consistent with the description! With the seller did not communicate, there was no need. On the strap of the hole jams perfectly, which you can not say on a thin fabric, well, it's not cretic!
I really liked the hole. Already tried in work. Installed eyelets. I advise everyone
Well, at the end, he came, on metal strong, thought it would be worse, but the build quality pleasantly surprised me, the millet of the skin holes on hurray, the seller is handsome, packed well, true, the delivery slightly tightened, and so for its money the quality of the fire, I advise you to buy.

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