OV7725 50MM 300 000 pixelů fotoaparát modul HDF25-A50 Vhodné pro ESP32

Štítky: altera fpga, vga wireless, ov9655 fotoaparát rady, esp32 ttgo, hdf5640, ov7725 30 fotoaparátu, d1 mini esp32, atmega16a, kamery, ov2680 modul fotoaparátu.

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OV7725 program je odlišný od OV2640 . nelze použít přímo na ESP32-CAM modul , který pracoval pro OV2640 modul fotoaparátu .

  • Číslo Modelu: ov7725

Fast shipping, well packaged.
The Chinese sent a little wrong camera that they ordered, this one works, but the image is twisted, now I will think how to connect it, so that I'll shoot correctly, at the bottom the victim's own, From above, which was sent, the number is different, although the Chinese photo is correct, the camera came quickly, there are no complaints, but the image upside down spoils all the joy of acquisition

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